Ningbo Lonwe Environment Technology Co., Ltd is a green drinking water equipment manufacturing enterprises. Over the years, Longwei has always been committed to research and development and manufacture of water purification equipment, the main production of second-boiling reverse osmosis water purifier, Purifier reverse osmosis water purifier, card-type reverse osmosis water purifier, wall-mounted reverse osmosis water purifier , The kitchen under the reverse osmosis water purifier, wall-mounted pipe machine, vertical pipe straight drink machine, business and other business and all kinds of household and commercial drinking water equipment, hydrogen-rich hydrogen-absorbing one machine, hydrogen-rich cups and hydrogen-rich water straight Drinking machine (filter function) and other products. The company won the national high-tech enterprises, intellectual property standards enterprises, the United States Water Quality Association member units, the China Membrane Industry Association member units, China Association for Quality Inspection Water Purification Equipment Committee of the governing units, the National Health Industry Association of Enterprises Management Branch of the Medical Branch of Health and Medicine President unit, the National Health Industry Association member units, China's healthy drinking water model enterprises, Cixi innovative "Young Eagle" enterprises honor.

Long Wei environmental science and technology to a strong corporate strength, committed to providing users with professional water purification experience, the company has a number of modern water purifier production lines and water treatment equipment production workshop, improve the quality testing centers and laboratories. The introduction of a sound detection equipment and quality management system, from the water test to the water test, from the program to detect the reliability of detection, from the sampling to test by Taiwan, from warehousing testing to the factory testing, formed a set of perfect quality testing Management system.

The company has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, China Compulsory Certification 3C certification, the EU CE certification, and adopted the international CB certification, the EU ROHS environmental certification, Nigeria soncap certification more than a dozen domestic and foreign Certification body certification, access to foreign trade import and export right, a full range of products have made China's Disease Control and Prevention Center of the test report and wading documents. Innovation is the driving force of the enterprise, science and technology is the product to seize the market leader.

Long Wei Environmental Science and Technology has a high-quality R & D team, the establishment of a research and development laboratories, with more than professional R & D engineers in the industry, each product is the pursuit of excellence in philosophy, to create safe water purification products for consumers, the company and Nanchang Aeronautical University and Ningbo Institute of Technology to cooperate, won the Ningbo "Hefeng Award" Industrial Design Competition Gold Award, to promote independent innovation, to become China's water purifier industry, a professional enterprise, guides the entire industry in product innovation direction. The successful research and development of brackish water dedicated water purifier, micro-waste water purifier, independent research and development of intelligent water-saving boxes without waste water discharge of water purifier, a revolutionary solution to the water bucket full of water overflow and self-compensation problems , Truly achieved without waste water discharge, no water mixing, non-blocking membrane, obtained multiple invention patents in the industry. With the development of the water purification market, the frequency of replacement and replacement of water purification products is accelerating. The demand of consumers for water purification products is also gradually diversified. From safe drinking to gradual improvement in drinking and environmental protection, the demand for water purification products is gradually diversified. Long Wei a new generation of Internet + intelligent control WIFI water purifier, allowing consumers to enjoy more intelligent and higher quality of water life. With the improvement of quality of life, people's awareness of health is also getting higher and higher, Long Wei with strong research and development strength, the successful development of hydrogen-rich products. Hydrogen-rich products will help the development of high-end water, healthy drinking water escort.

The company now has 128 patents, to become China's water purifier industry, a professional enterprise, guiding the entire industry in product innovation in the direction of development.

Longwei brand always sticks to the development concept of down-to-earth development. It has successively cooperated with media such as CCTV and local satellite TV to promote the brand image through multi-channels. We insist on attending nearly one hundred exhibitions at home and abroad, winning the praise of domestic and foreign customers. Wei brand with the continuous improvement of visibility, outlets have slowly covered the whole country. September 8, 2015 Longwei officially signed Hong Kong movie star at Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen. Huang Rihua, Guo Jing's actor, officially became the spokesman for Longwei brand image. The development of Longwei brand ushered in another peak.

With the continuous development and growth of Longwei brand, the company worked out a set of perfect business model to feed the network marketing model, so that each joining Longwei can grow rapidly, from the store decoration to the new store opened, and then to education Chamber of Commerce, there are people responsible for helping you start the market, the company to the national agency free to support stage sales and conference sales, enhance brand image and market share, driving sales, service terminal channels, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East , Europe, South America, more than 60 countries and regions.

Focused on future, more than struggle.

In the future, Longwei strives for the mission of "providing human beings with healthy and safe drinking water". In the fierce competition, we always adhere to the operation guideline of "science and technology first, quality wins, credit first, customer first" Will uphold the "always good faith" values, in order to build Longwei China's water purification industry professional brand and make unremitting efforts.

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