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How long is the best time to change the filter element of water purifier?

Issuing time:2019-08-01 10:36

How often is the filter element of pure water machine replaced? After the pure water machine is used for a period of time, the filter element must be replaced, so as to ensure the pure water to drink, people's home filter element will be used for a long time, the filter effect will become worse, making the water used after the filter unsanitary, affecting your health. This article introduces the filter element replacement cycle, let you a certain time on the replacement of the filter element, so that your health is guaranteed. That pure water filter element use replacement cycle is how much, how to replace it? Follow below small make up look together next!

[pure water machine filter core] how often to replace the filter core of pure water machine how to replace the filter core?

Pure water filter core specific replacement time is mainly based on raw water quality, water output and other aspects to set pure water filter core replacement time.

Function of filter element of pure water machine:

The first level: PP cotton: initial filtration of raw water to remove coarse particle impurities, sludge, colloids, suspended substances, etc.

Second level: granular activated carbon: adsorption of odors, different colors, organic compounds, some heavy metals, etc

The third level: carbon stick activated carbon: further remove chlorine, organic compounds, different color, odor, turbidity, etc.

Fourth level: RO reverse osmosis membrane: pore size 0.1 nm, remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic impurities in the water.

Level 5: post-placed activated carbon: adjust the PH value of water and improve the taste.

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How often to replace the filter element of pure water machine

The specific replacement time of filter element of pure water machine is related to filter element material.

1. PE filter:

Filter aperture is large and small, generally around 0.1 micron. Function: block the red bug, sand and stone, rust, colloid and other impurities visible in the water, the service life is 1~2 months.

2.PP soluble spray filter element:

The filter aperture is large and small, generally about 5 microns. Function: barrier water more than 5 micron impurities and water colloid, rust and microorganisms, service life of 3 to 6 months.

3. Ceramic filter element:

The filtration aperture is 0.1 micron, slightly larger than the ultrafiltration material. Function: filter away the bacteria, heat source, microorganism and colloid in the water, significantly reduce the turbidity in the water, the service life is 12~24 months.

4. Ultrafiltration material filter element:

The aperture is 0.01 micron. Function: filter the bacteria, heat source, microorganisms, macromolecular organic compounds in the water, the service life is generally 12 to 24 months.

5. Activated carbon filter element:

Effect: adsorption of bleaching powder in the water (chlorine), different color, odor. Activated carbon filter elements are also subdivided into different types, with service life ranging from 6 to 18 months

6.RO reverse osmosis membrane:

Aperture up to 10-6 microns. Function: filter the water of small molecules of organic matter, bacteria, viruses, minerals and so on. The service life is related to pretreatment filter element (PP filter element, activated carbon filter element) and waste water ratio, which is generally 18~36 months.

7. Service life:

It is related to pretreatment filter element (PP filter element, activated carbon filter element) and waste water ratio, which is generally 18~36 months.

According to the different raw materials used, the filter element of water purification products has different filtration effects and functions on the water quality. The common functions are mainly physical barrier filtration and adsorption functions, such as PP cotton filter element, nanocrystalline filter element and activated carbon filter element. With the extension of the service time, impurities in the water will block the filter core, and the nanocrystalline filter core and activated carbon filter core will be adsorbed and saturated. Generally speaking, PP filter core needs to be replaced in 3 months, and activated carbon filter core needs to be replaced in 6 months.

Neither filter element is effective in removing bacteria and organic contaminating microorganisms. Saturation failure is not easy to detect.

Hollow fibers and nanoceramics are filtered by pure physical barrier. Their filtration accuracy can reach 0.1-0.01um, which can effectively remove bacteria and harmful substances. The filtered water from water purification products with these two kinds of filter elements can be directly drunk.

Since hollow fiber cannot be cleaned, it is usually placed on the back end of PP cotton and activated carbon, otherwise it is easy to be blocked. As the end of water purifier, it needs to be replaced for 1-2 years.

Nanoscale ceramics are sintered with natural diatomite, with better filtering effect and 100% removal of bacteria and impurities.

When there are too many impurities, the flow of water out of the filter element will be reduced, which is convenient to grasp the cleaning time. Due to the high strength of the filter element, it can be repeatedly used for 50-100 times, and the filtering effect of the filter element can be seen in each cleaning, which is the filter element of direct drinking water product with the best effect and the longest use time.

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Steps and precautions for filter element replacement of pure water machine

1. Change the core of the machine only when the machine is at rest (the pump stops working);

2. Turn off the three switches of the machine respectively in order;

3. First turn off the power and unplug it;

4. Next, close the ball valve of pressure barrel (blue lever on the upper part of pressure barrel);

5. Finally close the inlet ball valve (the black ball valve handle connected to the tap water);

6. Now the filter element of the machine can be replaced. Use the filter bottle wrench to unscrew 3 filter bottles respectively.

7. Level 1 place 5 micron PP cotton/level 2 place mesh column carbon/level 3 place 1 micron PP cotton;

8. After the first three levels of filter elements are changed, the RO film is changed. The film is located on the white plastic shell above the iron plate of the machine;

9. Unscrew the cover with the membrane wrench to see the membrane. Note that the membrane is sometimes difficult to pull out due to the long time of use of the machine.

10. Load the new membrane according to the direction of taking out the old membrane. One end of the membrane has a double o-ring and the end is facing inward.

11. After replacing the activated carbon, that is, the small carbon rod behind the membrane shell, twist off the old carbon rod from the elbow, and then twist on the new carbon rod, you can wrap a little raw material belt at the interface of the new carbon rod, to prevent water leakage;

12. After all the filter elements and membrane are changed, turn on the switch one by one according to the steps, and the same order cannot be wrong;

13. First open the inlet ball valve (the black ball valve handle connected to the tap water);

14. Next, open the ball valve of pressure barrel (blue lever on the upper part of pressure barrel);

15. Finally plug it in;

16. After changing the core of the machine, turn on the gooseneck faucet and flush for about 20 minutes, just like the newly installed machine;

17. All the filter elements have been changed, and you can safely drink the pure water.

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